If you have visited our site before you may have noticed a few changes around here recently…


Welcome to the world of MK9 Development. Focusing on our three core areas, we have designed a visually dynamic way to allow you to explore all of our services.

Ascend into space to discover the endless possibilities our Tech Lab has to offer.

Dive deep underwater into our Design Studio and discover our creative capabilities.

Launching later this year – our Business Incubator programme, as all good performers always keep something up their sleeve for later!

The design

Large scale photography is so last year. No more hard to read typography across a busy image! This has been replaced with bold, flat colours which has recently become a popular style in the web design world. They are less intrusive on the content which create a better overall user experience.

This fluid user experience, especially on mobile, was key in the initial design stages. We attempted to address a few problematic areas, breaking conventions when it came to items like the “burger menu” location and mobile logo appearance.


Tradition shows that most mobile users expect the menu positioning to be placed in either the top left or right corner of the screen. As mobile screen sizes continuously increase, this can become difficult to reach for those owning phones like the iPhone 7/8 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S8/9+ and especially tablet users. By placing our “burger” icon in the bottom right of the screen, we allow for a more comfortable use of the menu for all screen sizes, creating less need for over reaching no matter how the user holds their device.


Many companies gravitate towards a circular logo. It can create a cleaner design and be easier to position on editorial documents, however placing the logo on mobile can become an obstructive task. Many websites resort to using the burger navigation to balance the top of their page yet this can take up a large proportion of the space, especially if it’s ‘fixed’ to the top of the screen. To address this issue we created an alternative logo, specifically designed for mobile. It still informs the user of the company name and acts as a home button but importantly takes up less than half of the vertical height of the screen when compared to the required height of our circle logo.

how informative

We have been busy packing the Tech Lab and Design Studio full of information to give you the best idea of who we are and what we can do. We’ve set out to give you more information and detail on the many services we provide, allowing you to discover exactly how we at MK9 can help you. Get techy with our Software development team, finally find out what UX Design is or simply catch up on our latest blog post (there’s typically a new one every week!). If on the off chance you can’t find the information you need, then head over to our Contact page and one of our friendly team members will get back to you ASAP!