There is only so much Dribbble and Behance scrolling one person can take before their once favourite inspiration avenue becomes repetitive and tedious. Using other designers work as inspiration is common practice, but where is the line between inspiration and imitation?

It’s easy to google ‘creative logo designs’ when a shiny new client asked for the next big Golden Arches, but how many logos have you looked at and thought “I’ve seen that somewhere before”?

Have you ever noticed the similarity between Vodafone and beats by Dre logos? Throw in Pinterest and Target’s logos and you’ve got yourself a family of look-a-likes!

Every designer will use inspiration whether it was done consciously or not. However, when you take logo inspiration from another logo you run the risk of simply copying.

The best results of travelling come from completely immersing yourself with the local culture. Travelling has an amazingly unique way of helping to clear the mind, allowing you to think with more clarity for new ideas. Exploring new places you have never been to before can give you a new perspective, which in turn enhances your creativity.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games logo is an amazing way that designers have used the outside world to draw inspiration. It features an illustration of an Inukshuk which is a traditional stone sculpture used by the Inuit people of North America.

How do we know about this? Well, our lead designer visited the Inuksuk statue herself as she travelled across Western Canada on a once in a lifetime trip!

A pair of giant Amethyst angel wings became the hottest place in Banff to take a picture and use the hashtag #banffangel, creating a unique way of advertising the store.

A historical train became the go-to place to eat having been transformed into a rustic dining cart.

Crowds flocked to see the Vancouver steam powered clock sing every hour, holding their phones high to catch every second on their social media accounts. 

These are just some of the many incredible features that were spotted throughout the trip – alongside endless crystal clear lakes and gigantic mountain ranges – and we plan to use them all to inspire our upcoming projects.

Do you have a go-to place to help with your next bright idea? How about a country that gave you a fresh look on the world? Comment down below your favourite places to seek inspiration.