After a long time in the making, we are proud to introduce our newest website release – EP Services!

EP Services help businesses to achieve better operational efficiency, sustainability and responsible recycling through a secure electrical and/or mechanical installation. EP Services are Hertfordshire’s go-to guys for Industrial & Commercial Installations, Site Temporary services and Maintenance. 

With only a logo and a name to base the site design off, our Design Studio took the Company’s colours and ran with a dynamic yet simplistic design. Specific imagery was selected to complement the colour scheme and work with the written content.

The two tones of blue work together to create depth to the typography and iconography. The orange plays a key role in highlighting features and brightening the page.


The sites layout is easy to navigate and find the relevant information you are looking for. To not overly crowd the site, content and imagery has been kept to a minimum, making sure the information is straight to the point.

View the full site at and let us know your thoughts!