Grabbing the rooms attention is a hard task to tackle. Stretching your voice to reach those far corners of the venue, ensuring you can be seen over the waves of bustling people. Events, award ceremony’s or conventions are just a few examples where standing out is key but incredibly hard to master. What if there was a way to have your message displayed front and centre for everyone to see? What if, no matter the crowd size or volume levels, your voice will always be heard? Let me talk to you about the humble Roller Banner.
Roller Banners are not a new technique however they are also not something that many take full advantage of. The average banner stands at roughly 2 metres high – far taller than the average human. At roughly 85cm wide, it would take a considerably large group of people to completely block the view of your canvas at eye level. Utilising this tall advertising space allows crowds to walk on past and still gives others a clear visual from a distance of your banner. Of course banners come in all shapes and sizes ranging from an A4 Desktop Roller Banner, all they way to an extra wide 2.9m Premium Roller Banner. Taking a closer look at your marketing requirements can help to distinguise which size is ideal for you.
Standard Roller Banner Dimensions.
When it comes to design, you must consider what is your Call To Action (CTA). When someone views your banner, what would you like them to take away from it? Is increasing your website traffic your key aim? Do you have a number you would like them to contact if they have a question? How about an event or offer you have coming up? Identifying your main CTA helps to centre your design around what should be in the optimal viewpoint – i.e. at eye level. Unless your company logo or name gives a clear indication of exactly what you do, try to save this space for a key phrase or eye catching imagery to draw the viewers closer. Of course your branding is important, but your message is even more so. Finally a Roller Banner doesn’t necessarily need to have any information. They can simply serve as a backdrop for your event. Surrounding yourself with welcoming imagery and colours can help potential clients to remember your company and it’s brand. Take a look at some of our work and see if you can work out our client’s CTAs.