If you hadn’t already noticed, its St. Patrick’s day today. Everywhere you look there’s a sea of green and suddenly pints of Guinness appear in every other post on your Instagram feed. It’s a day to get merry, have a sing-song and kiss as many leprechauns as you can!

We’re all up for getting involved in the celebrations, but what are we actually celebrating? We asked our followers on Instagram if they knew the reason for St. Paddies day, and 74% answered, no! So why is it so many of us are up for rejoicing in a holiday we know absolutely nothing about? Perhaps it’s our wiliness to use any excuse possible to have a drink, or is it something to do with our love for the Irish accent and their unforgiving charm?

Have a go at guessing what this Irish phrase is in the comment below!

Known as a ‘feast day’, St Patrick’s day takes place every year on the 17th March. It is a celebration of the patron saint, Patrick. So what is it about Patrick that makes him so legendary that he has his very own day?

Patrick was born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century. At 16, he was kidnapped and taken to Gaelic Ireland as a slave. For six years he worked as a Shepard, and during his time amongst the lambs and the heather he ‘found God’. God then told Patrick to flee the coast, where a ship would be waiting for him to take him home. Just like that, Patrick made his way back to Roman Britain where he became a priest.

He later returned to Ireland to convert the Pagan country to Christianity! During his time in Ireland, he was able to establish a number of monasteries, churches and schools devoted to Christianity. Today, the majority of Ireland is now Christian.

So in short, St. Patrick is considered to be such a legend because he brought Christianity to Ireland. The rest is history.

To us, St Patrick’s day is a celebration of Irish Culture, and here at the design studio, we see no better way of celebrating a countries culture than through design!

Here we collected a range of Irish designers we’ve fallen in love with this St. Patrick’s day.


The Project Twins

The Project Twins are made up of the Art duo, James and Michael Fitzgerald. The pair work within printmaking, painting, illustration, design and 3D work.

Their work is clever, bold and striking. With a touch of Irish wit, their illustration have a strong impact that we can’t help but be inspired by!

Check out their website.


Steve McCarthy

McCarthy is a Dublin based Illustrator who describes his work as ‘weird and wonderful’. We totally agree and are blown away by his charming, Neverland like creations. Confident in colour and fun, Steve is a successful artist who works mostly features in children books. If you fancy falling into a wacky daydream, check out his work! 

Check out his website. 

Simone Rocha

We love exploring all areas of design at MK9 design studio, so this next artist is a fashion designer! 

Roach is an international fashion designer whose clothes are often described as tomboy-feminine chic. Rustic texture and floral patterns make her work unique, unforgettable and a name Ireland should be proud of! 

Want to see more?

We hope you enjoyed this week’s post,  we’re now off to dance like Rose on the third class deck of the Titanic! What are you up to this St. Patrick‘s day?

Have a go at our guessing the Irish phrases game in the comment section.