Happy Father’s Day!

We’d like to celebrate with you all with a good chuckle, after all, who doesn’t love a Dad joke?!
We’ve put together a collection of projects from some super creative Dad’s that’ll be sure to put a smile on your face! 

‘Sandwich’ Dad

We’ve all had to make a pack lunch or two at some point in our lives and think we can all agree, it can be pretty dull!
This Dad has found a way to spice things up.

Graphic designer and Illustrator, David Laferriere stared drawing on his son’s sandwich bags in 2008. Take a look at his quirky and fun sharpie creations below! 

We are now off to make a formal complaint to Dad’s HQ about our squished, tin foil covered rolls! 

David saw all his children through to high school with their ink lunches until 2nd June 2017. Posting his last ever sandwich illustration on Flickr with a heartwarming caption; ‘The journey in between has been awesome and just a bit crazy at times. Thank you to my kids and thank you all!’

Guess this is what happens when you get a creative to do a simple task, they usually manage to find a way to put a fun spin on it! Want to see more sandwiches? Click the link below. 


‘Photoshop King’ Dad

 As Graphic Designers at the MK9 Design studio we’ve all spent a fair few hours exploring Photoshop while editing funny photos of friends in bizarre situation that never existed! There’s a lot of fun and trickery to be had once you know what you’re doing and this Dad certainly knows his way around Photoshop! 

Editing images of his children in wild and wacky situations, photographer John Wilhelm creates these super realistic shots that have a signature dad sense of humour. 

Like what you see? There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out his links below.

 Roles Reversed 

In this reference there is a slight difference  as the child becomes the artist! Dad, Eric express’ his love for his two daughters by getting their artwork tattooed on himself! Take a look…

The tattooist, Jess Koala, is an artist who is no stranger to the weird and wonderful, take a look at her creations in the link below. 

When I am a Dad

Winner of a D&DA award, this project is unbelievably sweet and charming!

Created by graphic designer Tom Anders Watkins, he explores the person he wants to be in ten years time…that person happens to be a dad! The project holds a unique perspective on the aspirations of men; who are more commonly associated with creating goals focused on their career. This designer sets their ambition to a more personal matter, celebrating the excitement and joy that comes with looking forward to fatherhood.


Inspiring future dad’s with a website they can enter their ‘vow’s’ to, the projects pokes fun at fatherhood.  The project also includes a child’s storybook with a collection of cool sleek graphics and humorous messages. Take a look below…

If you fancy exploring more of Tom’s work take a look at his portfolio at tomanders.com

We hope you all have a great father’s day and this post brings you even more giggles for you and your Dad.

Why not share this with your Dad while letting us know your funniest Dad story in the comments below?