Website Builds

In collaboration with the Design Studio, we help to build websites for our clients. By having our software engineers available to work on the website projects alongside the web designers, it allows for far more complex websites to be created , rather than just basic brochure websites.

Performance Tuning

No-one likes a slow system or website.  Finding what’s causing the problem can be incredibly difficult, particularly if you have time and/or resource constraints.  We can offer a drop-in performance tuning workshop where we will review your systems/websites/databases to assess and identify the issues and bottlenecks in your setup.


Sometimes you just need someone to come in and help you take stock.  Whether it’s a review of an existing process, a technical workshop or even attendance at a senior management or board meeting to add a different dynamic to your discussions.  We are happy to make all of our experienced team available to our clients on a consultancy basis to help with any project or ad-hoc work that requires some technical input.

Database Development

All of our software engineers are also experienced database developers, who are able to provide support to a wide range of database technologies.  If you have a number of unmanaged or legacy databases in need of some care, or you need some extra capacity to support your in-house DBA’ or database developers, we’re here to help.


Sometimes you just need a bit of a helping hand, rather than a full-on bells and whistles software project. Whether it’s on an ad-hoc basis or on a specific time-based arrangement, MK9 are happy to provide software development outsourcing services.

Software Development

With our team of experienced software engineers, we are able to assist with any type of tailored software development project. Whilst we specialise in building bespoke web applications, our range of software development skills allows us to help with any type of development project.

The sky is not the limit…


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We offer many different services with our tech lab. Whilst software development is our main area of expertise, we like to help our clients take advantage of our 40+ years of experience in the technology sector.

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