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Beating the bottlenecks

Doing a one-day deep dive workshop with you is the best place to start.  This can be done either at your offices or remotely, using Video Conferencing and Shared desktops.  For the first half of the workshop, you can take us through the troublesome products, the architecture that supports them and point out the bottlenecks that are really causing you headaches.  For the second half of the day, we will start a basic analysis process and introduce some “quick wins”, that will help alleviate some of the performance pressure.  After the workshop, we’ll produce you a performance turning report, including some recommendations that you can work through yourself, which is all included within one fixed price.

Should you wish to continue on for longer (recommended for larger more complex systems), we can then work out with you a performance tuning roadmap and a set of performance KPIs that you want/need your products to hit.  We can provide a weekly/monthly drop in session for a day’s blast through tuning or arrange a week-long boot camp where we are working on your performance tuning needs that can either be called upon ad-hoc or be arranged every 3/6/12/18 months.

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