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We believe that the more time you spend at the specification stage, the higher the chances are that your software project will succeed.  Whilst almost 70% of technology projects are reported to fail, we have a 100% success rate.  All of the web applications that we have built since 2008 are still being used today.

Our approach is simple.  Put the time in up front and don’t rush into writing code until all parties are happy that the specification is right.  Assume the specification will change.  From then on – assume everything in the specification can and inevitably will change.  Changing requirements isn’t something to be afraid of – it’s far better to change as more information comes to light, than stick rigidly to requirements you know are wrong!

Whilst we follow a flavour of the agile development methodology, our Software Development Timeline illustrates the key stages of our ideal development project.

Software Development Timeline

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