A good website takes time, no matter it’s size and complexity.


ArchiTECH is an Architectural company based in New Zealand. English born, Stephen came to MK9 Development by word of mouth for a simplistic, straight to the point, single page website. The key was to encompass his branding, personality and professional reputation that brought to life a site that showcased his years of experience and impressive portfolio. 

As with many ‘one man band’ companies, the existing branding purely consisted of a logo. This paved the way for the typography and colour scheme with room to explore more stylistic avenues.

With the brand currently consisting of  grey and white, imagery was key to adding light and colour to the site, alongside any additional colour our Design Team specially selected to compliment the brand.


Stephen took a step back from the Design process to allow the Design Team to construct their first draft of the potential aesthetics of the site.

This lead into a hands on feedback iteration giving the owner a chance to implement their own personality to the site through copy and imagery.

Communication was key throughout. Working collaboratively within the time zones both parties were active allowed seamless dialogue. Work continued outside of these hours to ensure a faster pace for completion. 


As with all our sites, MK9 Development ensure the best possible User Experience on mobile, tablet and desktop, suitable for any device.

All information is just a few clicks away, with a layout that is simple to navigate.

‘Call’ and ‘e-mail’ buttons enables the user to get directly in contact with the Business Owner with a single click.

Hover states on desktop allow for an interactive portfolio.


The client’s experience

My overall experience of utilising MK9 Development’s services has been prompt, professional, and seamless. Dani’s first build of the website, was almost perfect, as the look and theme she put forward projected my business image to a tee. From thereon Dani was very patient, whilst I fine tuned the content, to it’s final conclusion. The works, albeit undertaken overseas, were completed in good time and on budget. Feedback from all those that have sighted the new website, have been very positive. Well done team!