Today we visited Wheatfields Junior School in St Albans who were hosting an Enterprise week, where local businesses were invited to come in and spend some time teaching the children about the world of work and the different businesses in their local area. MK9 Development were invited in to finish off the week with a talk about our experience as a new start up, the process for designing websites and logos, as well as the purpose of branding and how a brand is built.

The class teacher had prepared all of the children for the visit, so they were all awaiting eagerly for arrival as the main interactive exercise that we had scheduled was for the children to learn about how a logo is designed and to go about creating one for themselves.

The children showed how observant they were in a game of guessing the logo. Working in small teams, the children were shown different logos where they had to guess what the company was. The next game that we played was to guess what a company did based on a small snippet from their company website. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the quizzes and for the second quiz, everyone scored full marks – what a clever bunch they are!



We then set about putting the children’s new found knowledge into practice. Each child was asked to conduct a basic rebrand for Toys ‘R’ Us. Having recently gone into administration, it’s perhaps a little too late for Toys ‘R’ Us to reap the benefits of this exercise, but by having a brand they all knew and understood, it made the process both easy to understand and lots of fun.  As is true will all designers, although everyone was given the same task with the same specifications, each child created an original design with catchy slogans and bright logos.

If only Toys ‘R’ Us had asked this class for assistance last year, the children may still have had their local toy store open for business!


To finish off the day the children had prepared some insightful questions such as advice on starting up a company, where to find inspiration for design and branding, as well as the origins of MK9 Development and what our future plans are. The children were all very pleased to hear that our next step is world domination.

Should you wish to hear more about what we can do, or you’d like us to visit your school – please do get in touch.