If you are a regular attendee at business networking events, own your own business or are in sales role –  then you will understand the importance of a good business card. This mini advert is an immediate window into what your company is about, holding the ability to tell its audience everything they need to know in a fraction of a second.

But what does it take to create that perfect business card? Our Design Team has put together the ultimate 3 step guide on creating the best business card for your needs.


1. Picking the right size and shape.

Many clients have the perception that the more unique their card looks, the better and this is partly true. Handing out a rocket shaped card is not only pretty cool but also very memorable. However if said rocket does not fit into the card holder or purse/wallet of the recipient then where does the rocket end up landing? Straight in the bin.

Most people have a box or case to store business cards in. If a stranger they met momentarily gave them a card only millimetres larger than the box, then people generally have little ambition to find the card a new home.

That being said, choose a size too small and eligibility will become a serious issue. Sticking to something of a similar size to a credit card is your best bet.

*TOP TIP* Rounded edges keep better, stopping the card looking dated and cheap with those dreaded ‘dog-ears’.


2. How much is too much?

Once you’ve chosen the ideal shape and size,  the next question is what to put on the card? Finding the right balance between information and spacing could be critical to a successful design.

Stick to the basics – what do people really need to know?

  • Full name is an obvious one, alongside your company’s name.
  • Some form of contact information like phone number and email address.
  • The company’s website address can also be beneficial. 
  • Job title is useful.
  • Company slogan is optional.


3. The all important Design.

There are many websites which come with business card templates to make the whole process a lot simpler, however do you really want to run the risk of passing out a card only to be handed back an almost identical one?

If your response was ‘No’ then here are some final tips for designing your own:

  • Follow your company’s brand guidelines to ensure you are using the correct colour scheme, fonts and imagery.
  • Keep it simple and easy to read.
  • 7pt is the smallest text size to be used, 12pt being the absolute maximum. Trust us on this one!
  • Our final tip for the perfect business card is give yourself plenty of spacing around the edges. Not all printers will check the design is within the ‘safe zone’ so avoid disappointment by making sure there is a good 10mm around the edge.

Drop us a message to see how we can help take your business cards to the next level!